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Minersville Area Youth Soccer Club
Field Status: OPEN The CACL Soccer Pitch is OPEN! Good luck in the 2021 season!
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@Minersville CACL Pitch


Monthly Club Meetings

Everyone is invited!
We need more volunteers
Our monthly meetings are held every 3rd Sunday of the month at 7pm unless announced otherwise

Traffic Advisory!
Our soccer complex is one-way traffic counter-clockwise around the field @ 5mph. This is to ensure the safety of everyone.

Communication 7/15

If you received an email that your registration was incomplete, please disregard. We've went through and removed a bunch of duplicate registrations that some have had.
An email will be sent out on Friday to those that actually have an incomplete/unsubmitted registration.
Thank you all for your patience using another new registration platform directed by EPYSA.

Welcome to the 2020 Fall Season

The SCYSA county meeting went great last night ending with an extremely positive outlook that we will be playing a full season starting 8/22 (REC)!

There will be a league COVID policy in place for contingencies to cover all situations and will be sent out as soon as it is approved.

Also, MAYSC proposed an extension to the Sportsmanship Rule to allow a team to have at least 1 substitute player if the team is short players which was unanomously accepted by the league.
Ie. (In 8v8 games) if 1 team only has 8 players the game will be played 7v7. (11v11) if 1 team only has 10 players, the game will be played 9v9.

EPYSA COVID-19 Update:


Our Sponsors
Coach Training

All coaches are offered free online introduction course training found here.

This cost for this course will be re-imbursed at the end of the season.